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Last week we started Spring Cleaning, and this week I would like to invite you to smell the roses :D

Often, when we are involved in accelerating our growth and empowerment, we can get so busy catching up and dealing with what’s probably been in our reality field for hundreds, if not thousands of lifetimes, that we don’t have any time to enjoy our amazing planet or present moment.

For this week, let’s spend at least two hours per day involved in an activity, observation, contemplation, space, that we find satisfying, pleasurable, happy, complete, and fulfilling. It could be the simple observation of a beautiful flower, the going for a walk in the rain or sun, playing in water puddles, observing a kitten play, watching the sunset or sunrise, hanging out with positive loving individuals and really being present and allowing them in our energy field… the list is endless.



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Sharing a spiritual discourse or sacred gathering with individuals of compatible frequency is how spiritual advancement is traditionally done in many cultures and religions around the world. It is how our own divinity and sovereignty can be acknowledged and strengthened. Now journeying to have this discourse can be done daily from your own living-room to the degree you choose. Sharing, reading or spending time with other high frequency individuals around the planet, day in and day out, from our own reality and lives has never been possible before. We can now do this by simply reading the material or forum posts, listening to the classes, doing the exercises or actively engaging in discourse with Inelia and other members.

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