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This week I would like to invite you to look at something which relates to how we live on the planet. It is an experiment in Observation and Contemplation.

Observation is when we simply look at a topic, object or person, but do not have any “interaction” with it as it were. We observe and experience the observation of the topic, object or person but don’t judge it, thoughts about it are thanked and released, we step out of the way, and simply allow the universe to observe the item through our eyes.

Contemplation is more interactive in that we engage with the item. We think about it, process energies that come up around it, see how it relates to us or our reality and examine the data we receive from looking at it.

“Contemplation is the thoughtful act of observation or study of a certain object, idea, situation, person, energy… anything at all. This will often lead to great insight and free flow of information.”

The results will be different for us during Observation and Contemplation.

The topic to look at is part of the next MP3, which will be released in the next few days. And is simply stated:

“What am I spending most of my time on during the day, every day?”

The idea is to sit for half an hour or so to Observe, and the same time to Contemplate one’s memory of the activities and actions we do every day. The type of things that might come up are our jobs, how we feel about them, sometimes guilt from programs that say we have to do more XYZ or less ABC. Do the activities relate to our survival, meaning of life, enjoyment of life or something else? As we look, we can process any reactions and programs, we can also step out of judgment and simply see and learn. Take note of the difference between our experience during Observation, and during Contemplation.