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Hello, next weeks discussion from Inelia :gift:

Have you heard of the rainbow body? Others call it the “light body” or “energy body” and there’s a lot of beliefs around it saying we can only step into it, or become it, when we “ascend” or move to a different dimension. And also beliefs that say only sacred masters or mystics can do it... not for the likes of us!

Well... we can dissolve into pure energy and embody a “rainbow body” at any time.
We can begin by visualizing it.

My suggestion would be to visualize it after meditation or contemplation, when we are in altered state of mind. As we visualize it, we step into observation and simply experience the colors, shapes, dimensions, mass... and other expressions of the pure energy that we are. It can be totally trippy, but worth it :)

Remember to do it like a "flight of fancy" a "daydream" a "playful visualization"... so you let go completely.

Don't forget to "reassemble" yourself afterward! Fully solidify and incarnate into your physical body. Or functioning in the 3D will be a challenge hehehe

This exercise, because of it’s nature, doesn’t have to be done daily, although I would. Take baby steps into it and self adjust the timing and depth of the experience yourself. Also, there might be a tendency for our physical body to freak out. Help him or her process fear of dissolution into non-existence (or death), and start over.

It’s playtime!


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