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We eat, drink and breathe every day. The need to breathe, eat and drink appears to be a program that keeps us dependent on the consumption and use of the environment to survive.

There have been various individuals who have bypassed the eating and drinking part. And a few who have temporarily bypassed the breathing part. But the breathing part was done by making the body go into a type of hibernation. Not exactly very useful for everyday modern living :)

Eating and drinking are not necessarily undesirable. They can provide us with full awareness and contact with our environment. Giving us a huge amount of information and connection with where and how we live.

In modern society, the social aspect of eating and drinking, as well as the full experience ingesting liquids and foods, has been mostly lost. Most of us unconsciously shove stuff down our throats when we feel hungry or thirsty, and don’t even have the time to fully taste the substance. Let alone become conscious of what our body is doing at the time or get any information from the substances we are eating and drinking.

This week, I would like to invite you to become aware of what you eat and drink. For one meal, snack, or drink a day, take at least ten seconds to chew and taste each bite of food, and to fully taste the drink before swallowing. Take very small bites and liquids and keep them in your mouth, biting and/or tasting. If you can make it to twenty seconds per bite or drink, even better.

Listen to your body as you eat. Sometimes it’s easier doing this exercise with our eyes closed.

Happy eating!


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