Hi, here is the next exercise from Inelia :gift: :hug:

We very often wake up each morning in a state that is different to our regular state in life. During our sleep, our being goes into a different mode of existence. Sleep has been one of those oddities of living in a physical body that is still filled with mystery and an amazing amount of wonderment.

Scientists have tried for a long time to find out and explain why sleep is so necessary to living organisms but have had no definite answers.

For this week, I would like to invite you to “register” the first moment of being awake in the morning.

  1. What state is your emotional body in?
  2. What state is your physical body in?
  3. What state is your mental body in?
  4. What state is your energy body in?
  5. What state is your egoic body in?

This is simply an observational exercise. It’s aim is to become conscious and aware of those first moments each day, and see/feel how it is the same or different to our “daily life state”. There is no judgment, right, wrong or any type of secondary action to take during this exercise. It is simply to become aware.