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Next exercise from Inelia :party: (I think I'm going to start calling these "awareness expansion opportunities" :lol: )

This week I would like to invite you to start on a journey of exploration.

It’s important, when stepping into this journey, to move away from judgment or preconceived ideas of “what it should be”.

The exploration I would like us to do this week is to ask ourselves, “what is my motivating, animating core energy?”

When we become conscious of the core animating energy in ourselves, we can choose to strengthen it, allow it to exist and flourish, or remove and change it to something else without judgment, but with conscious choice through resonance.

So this week, let’s explore and observe what energizes us to do things. What energizes us to create, to go to work, to get out of bed.

If you find yourself going into judgment about yourself, or going into judgment about our species, other people, programs, motivating energies, or other things, process the judgment (welcome it and allow it to express), and explore some more :)



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Sharing a spiritual discourse or sacred gathering with individuals of compatible frequency is how spiritual advancement is traditionally done in many cultures and religions around the world. It is how our own divinity and sovereignty can be acknowledged and strengthened. Now journeying to have this discourse can be done daily from your own living-room to the degree you choose. Sharing, reading or spending time with other high frequency individuals around the planet, day in and day out, from our own reality and lives has never been possible before. We can now do this by simply reading the material or forum posts, listening to the classes, doing the exercises or actively engaging in discourse with Inelia and other members.

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