Next exercise from a Inelia, a tad late... I thought it was still Sunday today, turn out is Monday already :whew:

As a species, humans are relationship based beings. We relate to our environment, but also to different individuals and groups of people, and in different ways to each of these. We may work for a corporation for example. We may still have an extended family, or small family unit. We may identify with a particular group or religion, or even nation or geographical area.

Following last week’s exercise (LINK), I would like to invite you to explore, “what is the motivating, animating energy of [name of group, nation, corporation, family you belong to].

Again, it’s important to step out of judgment or preconceived ideas on and about the core animating energy of the group you have chosen to look at. If judgment, or other emotions or thoughts come up about the animating energy of the group, process it and then start again.

This exercise is designed to become aware of these energies so we can make conscious choices to which ones we continue to partake in.