Hello, here is the next awareness expansion kit from Inelia Benz :gift:

The exercise I would like to invite you to do this week is rather interesting. For one thing, it makes us conscious that we are indeed manifesting every millisecond of our experience here on the planet. Secondly, it CAN trigger a lot of emotions and programs from guilt to joylightlove when we look at what we are manifesting this very moment. These will clearly illustrate the programs

The aim of the exercise is simply to make us conscious of what we are manifesting, and what we are simply experiencing from others, without the “fault” or “prize” energy behind the creation or experience. So if we do get an emotional charge, we process it.

Once or more times a day this week, ask yourself, “what am I manifesting in this moment?”

A lot of our manifestation are actually co-creations. They are co-created with other humans and other species around us. Most of our experience of those co-creations can be seen by how we react to what is happening. The reaction can turn into a decision, how we react, then it becomes a response. How we respond to each moment continues our co-creations, strengthens it, or debilitates it and removes it from our lives.

Another, super interesting aspect of this exercise, is that sometimes we step into other people’s realities, what they are manifesting, and when we ask it, the answer is just “experiencing another person’s reality”. We can then choose to co-create that reality with them, or simply observe it and all its beauty.

So, let’s become conscious of what we are manifesting this moment :)