Next awareness expansion kit from Inelia and this one is most interesting :unsure:

During the August 2015 monthly call I mentioned an exercise I would like us to do. The reason I want us to do this exercise is because is gives us an insight into the “reason” why we a divine eternal soul would “incarnate” into a physical human body. It is also related to why we have a cycle of incarnation on this planet and why our in between lives will highly encourage us, or sometimes trick us, into making a decision to return.

You can do this exercise once, or several times during this week. If you get any information, whether visual or intellectual data, you can then expand on your awareness of this point in time space according to your own interests and curiosity. If you don’t, please do the firewall exercise using the words “I don’t see anything”, “I don’t receive any information about this”, or “I can’t perceive anything”.

Before we do this week exercise, let’s first define a human being. A human being is an eternal divine soul in a symbiotic relationship with an elemental human body (made of and from Gaia’s elements, but not necessarily of purely Gaian DNA).

Take a few deep breaths. Close your eyes and have the intention to see and experience the point of Origin of the Human Species. The very first spark of human existence. Is it a cell? A fully grown body? What does it look like? Is it complete (is it just a body elemental or is it animated by a soul?).

Now, as you look at that information or scene, become aware of where, what point of view, you are observing it from. Are you in the scene or are you looking at it?

Have fun!