Next awareness expansion kit from Inelia Benz :gift:

This is a really nice little exercise that I will often do. It’s super simple, just pick a small object that physically and vibrationally represents a perfect planetary life to you. It can be a crystal, a stone, a piece of jewelry, cloth, picture, toy, or any object whatsoever.

I use a crystal and it is not always the same crystal.

Make sure that it is small enough to fit in your hand and your pocket or purse. And big enough and sturdy enough that it won’t get lost or damaged very easily.

When you pick the object, tap into it’s vibration, and allow it to exist. Then tap into divine eternal joylightlove, and see how the object become it. You can think it is glowing with it, or that it is flowing out of it. If your imagination is not visual, then simply state, with words, “you are divine joylightlove and express joylightlove vibrationally and visually.”

After that, you can hold it and admire it for as long as you want. When you are done admiring it, put it in your pocket or purse. Take it out often throughout the days in the coming week (or months), and simply hold it, feeling into its energy and enjoying it. Smile!