Next awareness expansion pack from Inelia :)

This week, I would like you to invite Gaia to support you.

  1. Choose a room where you live, or perhaps the entire house or apartment.
  2. Select an object that represents Gaia for you. It can be a photograph, a stone, a bowl of water… anything at all that says “Gaia” to you.
  3. Declare that this exercise is for your benefit, and anyone else who is consciously willing to tap into it and be supported by Gaia in the room/house as well.
  4. Sit in the middle of the room, or house/apartment. You can sit on the floor, on a pillow or a chair of some sort. You can hold the object or place it on the floor in front of you.
  5. Close your eyes and spend a few minutes simply breathing easily and relaxing your shoulders and the areas around your eyes and mouth.
  6. Next, call Gaia and simply tell her that you are willing to be supported and nourished by her.
  7. Open your eyes, and look at your object. Allow the energy of Gaia to enter the house, apartment or room. You can state this in words, or/and visualize how she starts covering the floors and walls in the space.
  8. Once you feel she is present, greet and thank her and you can then discuss or feel for ways in which you can allow her to support you and your physical body.
  9. Find a good place for your object, and sit and reconnect with Gaia for at least a few minutes a day for the next week.

Remember, our very existence here on the planet supports Gaia and her wish to move us all into a higher dimensional existence. By allowing her to support us back, we not only establish a good relationship with her, but also increase the effectiveness of bringing her wish to fruition.