Hi, next awareness expansion kit from Inelia ;)

In many spiritual traditions, people are encouraged to set up altars in their homes. Most of these are altars to project authority to a religion or deity. However, personal altars are found just about every single culture on the planet. The reason is that having a sacred space in the home is super positive.

This week, I would like to invite you to create or review your personal altar.

An altar can be a whole room, or a little shelf or table in a room, or a traveling altar if you are on the road a lot.
The idea is to create a sacred spot that is either permanent (if in our room or house) or temporary if we are on the road. What does the sacred spot do? It helps us enter an altered state of consciousness, as well as raise our vibration.

What do we put there? Things and items that represent high vibration, that gives us good vibrations, and also activates all our senses. Things that represent all the elements, and stimulate our senses. Think light, fire, air, smoke, earth, rocks, water. Think smells, touch, hearing (bells?), beautiful items to look at or that stimulate an altered state, food items to taste.

Try to avoid religious icons, unless you are very much attached to a religion :) If you have representations of divine energies that don't have dogma attached, those are super good. A box or something that won't spill for your car, if you spend a lot of your time in the car.

After you are happy with your altar, spend time there every day. And remember, just like us, it can change and evolve.

I would love to see a picture of your first or reviewed altar at the forum!