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Hi, here is the next awareness expansion kit from Inelia :)

We do not live in isolation. Everything we think, do and say will and does affect others. Not just the vibration of what we feel think or do affects others, but also the vibration we strive for affects our environment in ways that are expansive and broad.

Often, when we realize that everything we do affects others both vibrationally and physically, we might feel “bad” for not Observing our thoughts or actions, and reacting rather than responding. We might also feel “bad” for feeling sad, low, angry, upset or fearful, because when we do, that’s the vibration we are broadcasting.

And… it’s like a Catch 22 situation, when we feel guilty or bad about how we are feeling or what we are doing, it compounds the negative vibration.

We might also perhaps feel “good” that we raised our vibration today, or that we did a selfless act, or were kind, smiled at someone, helped someone or did something that raised our and another person’s vibration - in other words, made another feel better either physically, emotionally or mentally. Feeling good, proud or bad about the vibrations we try to have others feel are kind of a firewall to fully expressing our inner selves. We might censor ourselves and oppress negative feelings, and might very well fall into martyr or savior to get enough “good” points.

But how we make others feel, is not the same as the vibration we are broadcasting ourselves. What we are feeling inside. This exercise is about what we feel inside.

This week, I would like to invite you to choose a high vibrational energy of feeling. You choose it. Examples could be “love”, “happy”, “joy”, “enthusiasm”, “inspiration”, “gratitude”... the list is huge. After you choose the feeling, choose a random person, animal or other live being each day, and look at them while thinking of your chosen feeling. If you can generate that feeling while looking at them, that’s great! If not, just saying the word over and over in your mind while looking at them will do just as well.

The aim is not to “project” our energy or feeling onto them. The aim is to feel it inside of us. It is an internal process :) The aim is to generate the feeling inside of us.

Who or what we choose is not important. It might actually be easier to choose someone or something that we already feel that energy toward to begin with, and then experiment with strangers.

Our present human communication doesn’t allow us to “stare” at other people, in particular strangers, so take measures to make sure you are not “spotted”. Sunglasses that don’t show your eyes are a great “mystical” tool when doing these exercises.



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