Greetings! These are the rules for our Community. Please read them carefully. Thank you!

1) Please read forum topic headings carefully before posting. Restrict your posting to that topic and avoid the tendency to stray off topic. This will make the information in the forum easier to access as our forum grows.

2) If you have a question or topic you would like to post, make sure you search the forum for that question or topic in case someone else has already covered it.

3) Any posts you create will be seen by all WalkWithMeNow members and all have the freedom to respond.

4) Keep in mind the purpose of this forum:

Support using the Tools: The main purpose of this forum is to support one another in the use of the iBenz Method Tools during our journeys toward self-empowerment and our right to create a sane and healthy reality for us and the planet. This includes, but is not exclusive to, deepening our understanding of and exploring the processing tools and meditations together, and support the sharing of insights in the study and use of the new skills learned on the Courses, Classes and MP3 published by

Inspiration: Learning from one another can help us become inspired in our own journey.

Mapping: We learn 100% of what we guide others to know. Each of us has had doors opened to us that are unique to our own journey. There are an infinite amount of doorways and an infinite amount of knowledge available to us.

Co-Creation: Co-Creation is the art of many working together as One. It differs from cooperation. Cooperation is a voluntary arrangement in which you engage with others in a mutually beneficial exchange. Co-Creation entails removing the personal self from the equation and allowing the highest frequency human collective expression to flow through us so that the high frequency human collective guides the group’s activities. We hope that you will be fully active regarding your empowerment, learning and growth here at WalkWithMeNow.

5) Please do not self-promote or sell your services, products or businesses to other members a) the work you do outside of this platform, b) "religious" or "belief" affiliations you have, c) personal websites about you and your work, or d) your own public or private offerings or hobbies. We appreciate that you have important work outside of this website, but our intention is that the forum be used solely for discussion about topics and personal experiences as they relate to Inelia's work and WalkWithMeNow themes and materials. For projects or creative works you are involved in, you can post them without a sales pitch in the external resources category. We highly encourage you to post your websites, services, products and other published works in your Profile Page.

An exception to (5) - we have now a Classifieds category on the forum where you can showcase your product or class. Please make sure the projects are empowering and are clearly connected with the activities on WalkWithMeNow. If it looks like an unrelated self-promo post, it will be deleted. If you do generate revenue from the attention you get from WalkWithMeNow, consider giving back 25% to support the platform and the staff.

6) Please note that the forum is private. No verbiage should be copied and published outside of the forum. Respect the privacy of your fellow members.

7) Think before you post. In today's internet culture it is easy to write before we really consider what we are about to say or to write simply to be seen. The energy of WalkWithMeNow is extremely refined. Please treat the forum, therefore, as a sacred space. We ask you to deal strictly with the subject matter of each topic. Read the entire thread before you post, sit with your post before you add it, keep your posts to a minimum, and bring to the forum only what is absolutely necessary. For casual social interaction, we invite you to use the member run Talkwithmenow Telegram group. This group’s rules of engagement are very similar to those of WalkWithMeNow. When you leave WWMN please remove yourself from TWMN. Any member banned from WalkWithMeNow will also be banned at TWMN. The Telegram Group: TWMN

8 ) We also have a no aggravation policy. This is connected with all the points above. We want to keep our focus on the overall community and to co-create this as a harmonious and joyous place. As we said: a sacred space. If it becomes obvious that someone is only causing trouble, or has a constant demand for attention from the staff or the platform members, they will be asked to go. This is our choice to focus and expand what is great about WalkWithMeNow.

9) Anyone involved in actively indulging in the victim/aggressor cycle, attacking or accusing others, and generally invalidating, belittling or insulting other members either in the forum, via personal messages, Second Life, or in member run study or telegram groups, will receive three warnings and then be banned from the WalkWithMeNow platform. For serious infractions and attacks, the person will be banned instantly.

10) If you have had negative interactions with a certain person, please share this with the staff. Transparency and Clarity are a key component of this community. It also helps the staff know if there are patterns occurring within the community, and can thus address situations better.

11) Do remember that this is not a "support group" but an active co-created, learning, studying and expansion of awareness group. There is one Category where you can request personal support for harsh or difficult situations and events in your life. Please use the tools suggested in the responses to your post. Your post will be closed once you stop updating it, or no one has posted in it for a month. Most "personal support" threads will be deleted when a person leaves WalkWithMeNow unless the thread is considered useful for others to map to.

12) The rules of engagement for Member Run Study Groups are posted in each group thread on the forum. Please read these carefully before you join each study group.