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From Nadine

I’m a health care provider with a long interest in spirituality, mysticism and empowerment. I studied Inelia’s teachings for many years, from a far. I would often tune into her YouTube channel or website when I needed some inspiration. With time, I felt like I outgrew just watching and reading – and wanted to advance to the next level with more focus, structure and guidance. At this time, I was also feeling spiritually isolated and yearned to experience a sense of community with other like-minded individuals.

I kept thinking about joining WWMN but did not really know what to expect. Who would be there? What would we do? How would this community operate? Well… I took the leap and am so glad that I did! Since joining, I have been thoroughly impressed with the breadth of activity and content. I wish that I would have joined earlier, and that is why I wanted to share:

5 Unexpected Benefits of Joining WWMN.

1. The forum is a web-based communication tool. Through the forum I can engage in daily, interactive conversations with WWMN members, moderated by Inelia. These conversations range from the mundane “best green smoothie recipe” to the esoteric “how to engage The Ascension 101 Course. “ A big surprise for me was that members have full access to over five years of the forum discussions --dating back to WWMN’s inception. This includes reams and reams of content that I can access 24/7 and even search for topics that particularly interest me.

2. The library is a special composite of Inelia’s work available just for WWMN members. I have enjoyed exploring this treasure-trove of classes, presentations and articles spanning well over the last decade. It’s convenient to access, all in one place, and there is much more than what is publicly available on Youtube or the internet.

3. The weekly assignments are developed by Inelia to stimulate deeper learning and discussion. This is like the feeling of being back in school, but in a good way. We study a specific topic each week. For instance, this week we are exploring the positive and negative groups that we interact with in daily life. I have always been interested in exploring spirituality, and this weekly exercise has brought structure to my study –something that I really needed. I’ve also realized, as I have been doing the assignments, that I’ve been able to naturally connect Inelia’s tools to my daily life.

4. The monthly calls occur at a designated date and time each month through a web-based program, Zoom. After spending years just reading and watching videos on the internet, it’s been inspiring to hop on a video conference call with Inelia and other WWMN members each month --in person! I appreciate this kind of face to face, real-time engagement. It’s like getting the spiritual pulse of where we are – and what we should be working toward over the next month. During the calls we can interact with one another (at our own level of comfort) and ask questions.

5. The people in WWMN are by far the greatest and most precious surprise. It’s true that there is power in numbers. Walking side by side with other like-minded individuals makes it fun to learn, discuss, explore, create and expand together. With all this activity and support I don’t feel spiritually isolated anymore. Instead, I feel much more hopeful and positive about the future.


From Gerdi

Yes WWMN definitely feels like a home base and has been there in a period that my life has changed in many fundamental ways.

And yes Ilie you have done an amazing good job creating this in the way it is. :flower: :flower: :flower: :wizard: :wizard: :wizard:
I also did check some other forums have been a member on them for a short time actually because I thought it would be little bit similar as here but it was not similar. Never felt as safe to be there in a personal way, also technically not approaching the clarity and accesible easiness to use as WWMN.

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The energy Inelia brings to the planet is the most pure, clear and filled with unconditional love, I've ever found, and to be able to share this with others is invaluable.
To be able to discuss explore and expand together gives me a base to retune my vibration into joy-light-love. And rise my vibration.
I really love the monthly calls where we are able to ask questions and where Inelia is giving updates on the energies on the planet.
It's also great to have access the the wast archives of texts and mp3's. My absolute favorite mp3 is the Form-Formlessness mp3 Inelia made with Lucia René.
I've got to know many beautiful poeple through this forum.
Wow I'm really grateful, thank you!!!


If you search for water in the desert find an oasis. I you search for personal power on this planet find Walkwithmenow.com


One of the first and strongest changes which did come since I participate in the Walk With Me Now forum is that it has become much more easy to be in a state of joy in my daily life regardless of circumstances. Connecting with the forum is always uplifting. It gives a unique opportunity to taste what it is like to function in a field of oneness yet being a unique individual, clearly differrent from others, whithout hiërarchy, in complete responsability for yourself.

In the years past I have often been inspired by Inelia's teksts, books, you tubes and the tools she did create, I have all tried them out. But doing them persevering till things really change was often difficult. We all have our blind spots and just knowing the information is not enough. On the forum there is always help to look at where you are stuck, to do exercises together and really integrate them into your daily life.

What I also love from the WWMN platform is that it give great support to develop your full human potential, including all those capacities which used to be called paranormal. It did help me to regain my trust in what I can see with my inner eye. It does challenge me to study teleportation, bi-location, remote viewing, time-line jumping and all the othere miraculous things humans are capble of.

There are many other people sharing similar kind of information as Inelia does, I did choose to work with her tools and information and engage in using them as a communication basis on the WWMN platform because what she shares is very clear, focussed, mystical yet practical in oriëntation and not charged with emotions or judgments. And that is something which is very rare.

Another huge difference which has come since I participate in the forum is that I have left my position of being an annonymus passive consumer of information. Actively engaging on the forum and participating in the live calls implies that you are known and seen and what you do say or not say or ask has an influence on the whole. This was fearful for me in the beginning but it so much worth doing it. It did help me to allow myself to fully exist, be present and take the resposnability for that.

These are just a reasons why I am really happy and grateful that Inelia did create this unique very organic and lively Walk With Me Now Platform.


If you look for the organic fellowship that is the place.


At wwmn the universe expand and in the company of like hearted / like spirited others, magic weaves her beauty into our movements and experiences in an environment of Joy and Oneness. Thank you to Inelia and the wwmn team, and to the beautiful people gathering here.


For me WWMN platform is THE place to BE :). With so many amazing individuals at one place that are dedicated to self empowerment, raising vibration, expansion of consciousness, support, love-light-joy and making the fantasy reachable, the impossible absolutely practical and fairy tales part of real life.

This is where I feel I belong as mysticism is just the same as having a cup of tea, meditation is considered a daily routine and holding intent together is very clear to be much more than the sum of the parts...

I find my world had expanded immensely thanks to all the exercises, live calls with Inelia and continuous sharing with friends from all over the world.

THANK YOU INELIA and TEAM for this opportunity :) <3 THANK YOU dear co-creating friends for being in this together. <3


Very inspiring, powerful and enlightening environment, where one can engage, explore and express oneself while processing lots and lots of insights, testimonies and data.

And because you feed your minds/hearts and bodies with Monthly Mp3 Courses, with Weekly Exercises, enjoying yourself while partaking and sharing perceptions and understandings with others, with the help of the Forum and also through the Monthly Live Video Call with Inelia Benz, you discover that all of those tools mix, blend, mingle and evolve in an organic unfolding and growing co-creative manner, propelling you very, very, very quickly (at the speed of JoyLightLove indeed...) toward and into the one you used to being from all divine and infinite eternity.

That is a kind of alchemical journey for the 21st century and beyond. A journey where you will discover and know for sure that of course the philosopher's stone is, from the very beginnings of the Ages, essential, vivid and alive unconditional love.

Amazing times. :)


WWMN is a place where I feel my personal growth accelerates. My mind structures brakes to allow myself to new and more expanded realities. The weekly exercises are simply, doable and have a great impact in my daily life. I relate to amazing loving/powerful people who are working on themselves from all around the world. We get to co-create, grow together and support a space of no-judment for our doubts, expression and even personal support. In my experience WWMN has the most advance spiritual, mystical, reality and potentiality discussions I have ever come across so far. Thank you!



My experience at Walk With Me Now has been very positive so far! I feel great enthusiasm when I share my views with others. I received many comments for some of my posts , and each person added some elements that gave me insights (I mean that some truths surfaced which had been hidden so far). It is also a great opportunity to process one's fears. I felt a lot of self doubt after posting a very enthusiastic comment. I felt that nobody would undersand what I meant, but afterwards Inelia liked my comment (People like on Facebook, and at Walk With Me Now, people say "Thank you", which I find more meaningful) and then , like a child, I felt more confident. I already knew that , like many people, I was very sensitive to people's comments or reactions, but that time I could really whatch my reactions and could decide to let go and feel love for myself. Trust me, your experience at Walk With Me Now will be intense , and make you stronger, provided you engage fully in this adventure!

Inelia's Testimonial

From the moment the concept of this empowerment platform was born, enormous shifts began to manifest in my life. But the greatest shift was that of an increased zest and enthusiasm for the work I am doing here on the planet.

This platform, and the individuals who have made it possible, is the most clear, empowering, energy infused and fluid human creation I have ever had the honor to experience.  We make it so.

Recently I have had the learning opportunities to have deep and long conversations with individuals who are not ready to step into their power. Individuals who are in their late 40s and 50s. An ex soldier, a business man, a grandfather, and others. One of the things that amazed me was the radical difference between those individuals who were ready to step into a better life, and those who were strongly holding onto their scars, damage and baggage. It was like night and day. And it was also a completely different reality to that found at Walk With Me Now. It was so different, that it was like being in two different planets at the same time.  The main difference, and this is from the individuals who were bettering their lives, was that we don't give our power away to others and they did.

Most of us walk in a world filled with individuals who are not ready to step into their power.  Where most of the people we converse with and share our lives with day by day, are closed to the fact that they are eternal divine beings.  This is the reality for most of us. That's one of the reasons why we created this platform, so that we could all experience the new paradigm NOW. A paradigm of intelligent, powerful, aware and high vibrational individuals around us, in our field of awareness, our field of energy and our field of co-creation.

This has been my experience at Walk With Me Now so far, and we haven't even started yet!