Yes WWMN definitely feels like a home base and has been there in a period that my life has changed in many fundamental ways.

And yes Ilie you have done an amazing good job creating this in the way it is. :flower: :flower: :flower: :wizard: :wizard: :wizard:
I also did check some other forums have been a member on them for a short time actually because I thought it would be little bit similar as here but it was not similar. Never felt as safe to be there in a personal way, also technically not approaching the clarity and accesible easiness to use as WWMN.

I haven't found anything comparable when it comes to the possibility of co-creating and giving the possibility of being completely open, personal and authentic and at the same time staying equally responsible. That is also your special energy Inelia which makes that possible, you have given tools but no dogma's and you always take care not to get stuck in any rigid way of looking at things. You did manage to be an authority and give a structure and frame of reference with your tools and the concepts you have spoken about without being an authority when it comes to the content. Leaving plenty of space for everyone to live his/her own experience.
And I appreciate very much that I can share ,explore and learn how to deal with more 'mystic' experiences in that specific dogma free energy field. :star: :star: :star:

I have been very engaged spending many hours on the forum and have been very distant and everything in between and WWMN has stayed a homebase in all those different states.