I’m a health care provider with a long interest in spirituality, mysticism and empowerment. I studied Inelia’s teachings for many years, from a far. I would often tune into her YouTube channel or website when I needed some inspiration. With time, I felt like I outgrew just watching and reading – and wanted to advance to the next level with more focus, structure and guidance. At this time, I was also feeling spiritually isolated and yearned to experience a sense of community with other like-minded individuals.

I kept thinking about joining WWMN but did not really know what to expect. Who would be there? What would we do? How would this community operate? Well… I took the leap and am so glad that I did! Since joining, I have been thoroughly impressed with the breadth of activity and content. I wish that I would have joined earlier, and that is why I wanted to share:

5 Unexpected Benefits of Joining WWMN.

1. The forum is a web-based communication tool. Through the forum I can engage in daily, interactive conversations with WWMN members, moderated by Inelia. These conversations range from the mundane “best green smoothie recipe” to the esoteric “how to engage The Ascension 101 Course. “ A big surprise for me was that members have full access to over five years of the forum discussions --dating back to WWMN’s inception. This includes reams and reams of content that I can access 24/7 and even search for topics that particularly interest me.

2. The library is a special composite of Inelia’s work available just for WWMN members. I have enjoyed exploring this treasure-trove of classes, presentations and articles spanning well over the last decade. It’s convenient to access, all in one place, and there is much more than what is publicly available on Youtube or the internet.

3. The weekly assignments are developed by Inelia to stimulate deeper learning and discussion. This is like the feeling of being back in school, but in a good way. We study a specific topic each week. For instance, this week we are exploring the positive and negative groups that we interact with in daily life. I have always been interested in exploring spirituality, and this weekly exercise has brought structure to my study –something that I really needed. I’ve also realized, as I have been doing the assignments, that I’ve been able to naturally connect Inelia’s tools to my daily life.

4. The monthly calls occur at a designated date and time each month through a web-based program, Zoom. After spending years just reading and watching videos on the internet, it’s been inspiring to hop on a video conference call with Inelia and other WWMN members each month --in person! I appreciate this kind of face to face, real-time engagement. It’s like getting the spiritual pulse of where we are – and what we should be working toward over the next month. During the calls we can interact with one another (at our own level of comfort) and ask questions.

5. The people in WWMN are by far the greatest and most precious surprise. It’s true that there is power in numbers. Walking side by side with other like-minded individuals makes it fun to learn, discuss, explore, create and expand together. With all this activity and support I don’t feel spiritually isolated anymore. Instead, I feel much more hopeful and positive about the future.