From the moment the concept of this empowerment platform was born, enormous shifts began to manifest in my life. But the greatest shift was that of an increased zest and enthusiasm for the work I am doing here on the planet.

This platform, and the individuals who have made it possible, is the most clear, empowering, energy infused and fluid human creation I have ever had the honor to experience.  We make it so.

Recently I have had the learning opportunities to have deep and long conversations with individuals who are not ready to step into their power. Individuals who are in their late 40s and 50s. An ex soldier, a business man, a grandfather, and others. One of the things that amazed me was the radical difference between those individuals who were ready to step into a better life, and those who were strongly holding onto their scars, damage and baggage. It was like night and day. And it was also a completely different reality to that found at Walk With Me Now. It was so different, that it was like being in two different planets at the same time.  The main difference, and this is from the individuals who were bettering their lives, was that we don't give our power away to others and they did.

Most of us walk in a world filled with individuals who are not ready to step into their power.  Where most of the people we converse with and share our lives with day by day, are closed to the fact that they are eternal divine beings.  This is the reality for most of us. That's one of the reasons why we created this platform, so that we could all experience the new paradigm NOW. A paradigm of intelligent, powerful, aware and high vibrational individuals around us, in our field of awareness, our field of energy and our field of co-creation.

This has been my experience at Walk With Me Now so far, and we haven't even started yet!