My experience at Walk With Me Now has been very positive so far! I feel great enthusiasm when I share my views with others. I received many comments for some of my posts , and each person added some elements that gave me insights (I mean that some truths surfaced which had been hidden so far). It is also a great opportunity to process one's fears. I felt a lot of self doubt after posting a very enthusiastic comment. I felt that nobody would undersand what I meant, but afterwards Inelia liked my comment (People like on Facebook, and at Walk With Me Now, people say "Thank you", which I find more meaningful) and then , like a child, I felt more confident. I already knew that , like many people, I was very sensitive to people's comments or reactions, but that time I could really whatch my reactions and could decide to let go and feel love for myself. Trust me, your experience at Walk With Me Now will be intense , and make you stronger, provided you engage fully in this adventure!