Very inspiring, powerful and enlightening environment, where one can engage, explore and express oneself while processing lots and lots of insights, testimonies and data.

And because you feed your minds/hearts and bodies with Monthly Mp3 Courses, with Weekly Exercises, enjoying yourself while partaking and sharing perceptions and understandings with others, with the help of the Forum and also through the Monthly Live Video Call with Inelia Benz, you discover that all of those tools mix, blend, mingle and evolve in an organic unfolding and growing co-creative manner, propelling you very, very, very quickly (at the speed of JoyLightLove indeed...) toward and into the one you used to being from all divine and infinite eternity.

That is a kind of alchemical journey for the 21st century and beyond. A journey where you will discover and know for sure that of course the philosopher's stone is, from the very beginnings of the Ages, essential, vivid and alive unconditional love.

Amazing times. :)