One of the first and strongest changes which did come since I participate in the Walk With Me Now forum is that it has become much more easy to be in a state of joy in my daily life regardless of circumstances. Connecting with the forum is always uplifting. It gives a unique opportunity to taste what it is like to function in a field of oneness yet being a unique individual, clearly differrent from others, whithout hiƫrarchy, in complete responsability for yourself.

In the years past I have often been inspired by Inelia's teksts, books, you tubes and the tools she did create, I have all tried them out. But doing them persevering till things really change was often difficult. We all have our blind spots and just knowing the information is not enough. On the forum there is always help to look at where you are stuck, to do exercises together and really integrate them into your daily life.

What I also love from the WWMN platform is that it give great support to develop your full human potential, including all those capacities which used to be called paranormal. It did help me to regain my trust in what I can see with my inner eye. It does challenge me to study teleportation, bi-location, remote viewing, time-line jumping and all the othere miraculous things humans are capble of.

There are many other people sharing similar kind of information as Inelia does, I did choose to work with her tools and information and engage in using them as a communication basis on the WWMN platform because what she shares is very clear, focussed, mystical yet practical in oriƫntation and not charged with emotions or judgments. And that is something which is very rare.

Another huge difference which has come since I participate in the forum is that I have left my position of being an annonymus passive consumer of information. Actively engaging on the forum and participating in the live calls implies that you are known and seen and what you do say or not say or ask has an influence on the whole. This was fearful for me in the beginning but it so much worth doing it. It did help me to allow myself to fully exist, be present and take the resposnability for that.

These are just a reasons why I am really happy and grateful that Inelia did create this unique very organic and lively Walk With Me Now Platform.